Colourfull Voices

Networking at Radiocamp 2018

What we do

"Colorful Voices" reports from perspectives that are rarely shown in the mainstream media: the perspectives of refugees
That perspective that is not shown in the mainstream media. “Colourful Voices” is a crossroads of several refugeemedia. We, editorial groups of different community radios in Germany, Austriaand Luxemburg, have decided to join our efforts on a common website. There are alreadyrefugees in many radios, who are broadcasting there. Since community media wantto serve as a mouthpiece for medial and socially marginalized groups, werefugees got there the opportunity to tell our stories with our own words, fromour own perspective, which rarely come up in Mass media. “Colourful Voices” is a participative platform.Although the different groups already have their respective websites, thisplatform is meant to empower them in giving them more visibility. The groupsare all contributing to this website. They bring up local issues to the world. Theypost information from their radios, from their region. So that, one will find amaximum of information about refugees here. That will make this platform the maininformation source for refugees or topics related to refugees. “Colourful Voices” should alsoconnect refugees all over the world. It allows refugees tobe part of the political and social discourse, to be part of mainstream. It allowspolitical debates which cross boundaries. We want to share hopes and ideas; indifferent languages, for everybody to understand. Also, we want to fightreasons that force people to flee. “Colourful Voices” raises the multilingual,multicultural and muti-perspectivistic voices of refugees to the world.