Immigration Broadcast

An intercultural radio project for people with and without immigration and flight backgrounds

Immigration Broadcast is an intercultural radio and meeting project. The main target group are people between the ages of 16 and 27, but younger and older people are also welcome to participate in the project. In various workshops you will learn with a lot of fun, what ȍs important for producing a radio show. The workshops and all meetings are conducted by a trained team of employees. This consists pedagogues, journalists and designers of media content of all kinds. Once a month, the entire team sends a one-hour radio program with all self-produced contributions and own moderation texts. Contents of the program are mainly topics dealing with migration, flight and asylum.

People with and without migrant and refugee experiences produce together a one hour radioshow, which is broadcasted by the community media Radio Z in Nürnberg. The shows are produced in one or more languages, for example arabic, farsi, English and german. The aim of Immigration Broadcast is to enable an intercultural dialog between different people. The project gives young people the opportunity to learn new skills in the production of radio content. On another level the project tries to work with people's prejudices and to overcome stereotypes.

Every month, four workshops are offered, where all the important skills needed for the production, broadcasting and moderation of a radio program are taught. The broadcasts are intended primarily to give a voice to young people who, unfortunately, are often not heard in the normal course of media. It offers the opportunity to participate creatively in the process of creatingmedia and informing others.

Topics involving refugee and migration are often in the focus of the radio shows. But the subjects can variate depending on the interests of the participants.

Participating to Immigration Broadcast is a way to gain new experiences. You can meet people of different origins, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and religions and make friends and acquaintances. Together we are and will be active against racism, discrimination andstigmatization!

How can I participate?

The easiest way is to send a short mail or message via WhatsApp. Otherwise, interested people can come to Radio Z every Friday from 4pm and attend our regular meeting and get to know the team.

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WhatsApp & Phone: 0157-77094923

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Every 2nd Wednesday a month 7 pm–8 pm Other special editions will be announced via Homepage, Facebook and Instagram.

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