Walla Show

Tune in WallaShow

Arabic-language informational program for the Arabic Community in Rostock (FM) and all of Germany (Internet).

It's a 16-segment show in Arabic. The 17 participants are from Syria and are aged 16–63. In every show, a specific topic is discussed. In addition to that, there are recurring topics, such as music groups and cultural information. Every show is full of music and each has its own identity. For example, a story told by grandmother: “Every time grandmother tells you a new story, it contains a new bit of wisdom.”

  • Point of contact: Rania will speak about any kind of cultural event taking place in Rostock – music, theatre and others – and about cultural etiquette.
  • Information you're interested in: in every show, Abir will speak about sober issues and bring you important information on the city and the world.
  • The morning in sports: a sports segment by Muaz. Various news on sports and sports events are discussed.
  • Your life: the social, cultural and educational part of the show. Furat presents colourful pictures about the life of the individual in particular and about society in general. Some humorous segments offer a more tongue-in-cheek perspective on everyday life.

Supervision and production: Raifeh Al Masri

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 15:00-16:00

Friedrichstraße 2318057, Rostock, Deutschland